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Tommy’s Shirt Shack is a division of C.K. Thomas Custom Apparel.

We are dedicated to creating individualized corporate, athletic and fun looks for discriminating people like You!

Our motto is “Play Hard, Look Sharp!”

You’ll see Themed garments that will appeal to the pop culture, to squash players and many other groups¬†down the road.

We’ll help you individualize your business, team or event with embroidered or screened logos and are capable of creating unique custom looks using the sublimation process (very detailed process that can produce tints, tones and shadings and multi colour designs)

We use all the standard fabrics but specialize in the Dry Fit, Wicking fabrics that are so popular now a days.

And YES, we offer garments cut for ladies! No more “men’s small” for the ladies! We have garments cut for you too!

Have a look through some of our offering, but feel free to email us for any specific request – custom is what we are all about.

Always have fun, but remember – play hard, look sharp!


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